Cinnamon Graham Cracker Cookies | windykitchen Cinnamon Graham Cracker Cookies | windykitchen Cinnamon Graham Cracker Cookies | windykitchen

Cinnamon Graham Cookies

What’s your idea of comfort food? Is it heavy, rich, carb- and fat-laden, something in the neighborhood of lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs? Or is it something sweet, like ice cream or cookie dough? Apparently, comfort foods vary quite a lot by gender. The other day I found this incredibly interesting study on comfort foods … Continue reading

Creamy Chicken Brie Soup

Creamy Chicken Brie Soup

Gather round, kids, for another installment of Unlikely Success Stories. Actually, wait. I’m hashtagging it. #unlikelysuccessstories Like all #unlikelysuccessstories (TM!), it starts with a careless snafu. In this case, I dropped my iPhone in a super classy way — while reaching for a big block of cheese at Whole Foods. Classy. Even though I’ve dropped … Continue reading

Peppery Chicken Curry

Peppery Chicken Curry

I’ve gotta confess something, friends — I haven’t been spending a ton of time in the kitchen lately. I don’t even have a good reason! I wish I could blame the gorgeous spring weather keeping me outside at night, but it only got nice like four days ago (that’s a whole other series of complaints, … Continue reading

Greek Shrimp Gyros

Greek Shrimp Gyros

In news that will surprise exactly zero people, I am beyond excited for Princess Kate’s three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand. She’s already knocked it out of the park with the amazing red coat she wore getting of the plane. Although apparently it is very windy down under, because it looks like she came … Continue reading

Chicken Tamale Bake | windykitchen Chicken Tamale Bake | windykitchen shredded chicken

Chicken Tamale Bake

Oh hi, everyone looking for quick, easy, delicious, weeknight chicken recipes — a.k.a., everyone in the world, minus vegetarians and richie riches with personal chefs! Welcome to windykitchen, where all your dreams come true. Overselling it? Maybe. But this recipe fits the bill. It’s got a sweet-spicy cornbread-esque base, topped with enchilada sauce, shredded chicken, … Continue reading