Creamy Chicken Brie Soup

Creamy Chicken Brie Soup

Gather round, kids, for another installment of Unlikely Success Stories. Actually, wait. I’m hashtagging it. #unlikelysuccessstories Like all #unlikelysuccessstories (TM!), it starts with a careless snafu. In this case, I dropped my iPhone in a super classy way — while reaching for a big block of cheese at Whole Foods. Classy. Even though I’ve dropped … Continue reading

Lasagna Soup

Am I the only one who automatically word-associates lasagna with Garfield? I think it’s because we didn’t have lasagna much when I was growing up (as my mom has issues with ricotta cheese), but I sure did read read Garfield comic books over and over and over. Even better than Garfield, though, was Calvin and … Continue reading