Pad Thai Shrimp Burgers

So we all know that cooking meals that make tons of leftovers can be somewhat of a drag, because no one likes to eat the same thing night after night after night. But even so, I can’t really imagine hocking my leftover shrimp burgers for some other dude’s leftover spaghetti and meatballs in some sketchy, … Continue reading

Tilapia Masala

So I usually make sure to steer clear of talking politics on this blog, and I have to imagine you all appreciate that. But recent circumstances have changed such that I have to speak up: apparently if this government shutdown occurs, us DC-ians will lose out on having our trash collected.* Not cool, Congress! I … Continue reading

Cornbread Waffle Tacos

Even though this blog now has more than two hundred recipes on it (!), this is not the only place where I keep track of recipes. Not by a long shot. The blog has recipes I’ve tried, enjoyed, managed to photograph, and felt were worth sharing…but I’ve got┬áhundreds (thousands?) of other recipes in my files, … Continue reading