Non-Food Blogs I Read

I don’t spend all my time on food blogs! Here’s my regular tour through the food-free corners of the internet:

xkcd – in their words, a “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”

Dear Prudence – I enjoy many things on Slate, but I never miss Prudie

What Kate Wore – everything worn by that most perfect human, the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton)

The Dish – my husband turned me on to Andrew Sullivan awhile ago, and I find him strangely addicting

He Texted – my current internet obsession

Get Rich Slowly – my favorite personal finance blog

Dear Old Love – short notes to old lovers

Texts From Last Night – I’m probably too old for this, but it still makes me laugh

New York Magazine – one site I visit daily

STFU Parents – equal parts disturbing and hilarious

Lifehacker, Gawker, and Jezebel – because of course

Ring Envy – we’ll just categorize this under “guilty pleasure”

Longform – outstanding pieces of long-form journalism

Passive Aggressive Notes – an always-fun internet timesuck

Cake Wrecks – I suppose this is technically a food blog…

Women’s Herstory: Did You See What I Did There? – oh, this isn’t a blog you say? WELL I STILL GO HERE EVERY DAY!


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