2012 in Fail: the Worst of the Worst

Next week I’m going to tell you about the very best things I made in 2012, but before I do that, I thought I’d take a little trip through the biggest kitchen disasters of this past year. Usually when I go to the trouble of picking out a recipe, shopping for the ingredients, making it, and photographing it, I get sortof bummed when it doesn’t turn out that great, and then I promptly forget all about it. However, last week I saw that one of my favorite food blogs, How Sweet It Is, posted a recap of all her biggest failures of 2012. I enjoyed reading it so much that I figured I’d go ahead and post my disasters, too, just in case anyone else experiences happiness at the misfortune of others.

Without further ado…

102 spicy lentils with sweet potatoes and kale

That doesn’t look even a little bit good, does it? Sometimes it’s not worth it to be too healthy — as this lentil-kale-sweet potato dish taught me.

120 sweet potato and black bean chili

Another healthy overreach.

I did eventually find a vegetarian chili recipe that I really liked, but this one had an alarming number of green peppers and failed to impress either of us.

127 baked scallops

This may have won the prize for least-appetizing-looking dish of the whole year.

My husband actually liked these baked scallops OK, but I thought they inexplicably managed to taste kindof funny, kindof bland, and wayyyyy too buttery, which were three attributes I didn’t realize could coexist in the same dish. Do not want.

139 potsticker burgers

I was super excited to try these potsticker burgers (potstickers! burgers! hooray!), but they were bland and boring.

180 spaghetti w peppers, turkey sausage and goat cheese

This spaghetti with peppers and sausages didn’t taste all that bad, but the indigestion we both got after eating it ensured I’d never make it again.

211 thai beef with cabbage

Thai beef with cabbage and peanuts. This was actually inedible — one bite and in the trash it went.

224 sweet potato coconut curry soup

OK, so this sweet potato curry soup actually tasted pretty good, but I could never bring myself to post it, since it looks like something that leaked out of a diaper.

Sorry for that image.

239 chicken in walnut sauce

Chicken in walnut sauce! Doesn’t that sound good?

Nope. Sucked.

Here’s hoping for a more successful 2013! Look for the best recipes of 2012 on Monday (no diaper references, I promise).


3 thoughts on “2012 in Fail: the Worst of the Worst

  1. Laughed out loud at “Nope. Sucked” — too funny and relieve that you have disasters — most of my entire time spent in any kitchen is a disaster, unless I’m doing the dishes from some else’s cooking!

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