Cajun Shrimp Pizza

I don’t know if this is even possible, but I seem to be bad at freezing stuff. Specifically meats and other items/ingredients that I’m trying to prolong the life of and use at a later date. I think the part I have trouble with is the unfreezing, actually – I may have chicken in the freezer, but I am guaranteed to either (1) forget I even have it, (2) forget to unthaw it before I want to use it, or (3) botch my attempt to unthaw it quickly before cooking. All of these things stress me out, which ends up negating the convenience the freezer is supposed to give me.

I think that’s why I have started to love frozen shrimp so much. My grocery store sells two-pound bags of frozen, uncooked shrimp, and I’ve been going through them at record pace. For one, shrimp are low in both calories and fat, making them a great protein option (unless cholesterol is a concern, as they are a little higher in cholesterol). For another, they are tasty and can be cooked a million different ways. And finally, you can take them straight out of the freezer, unthaw them by running them under cool water for a few minutes, and get to cooking. Since they’re shrimp, the cooking part is only going to take a couple of minutes, anyway. Easy peasy. TAKE THAT, FREEZER!

This Cajun shrimp pizza came together very quickly and was SO GOOD. I made my own pizza crust, so I spent a little more time waiting for the dough to rise and all that, but if you skip that step, there’s no reason this wouldn’t be in the oven and ready to go in all of 10 minutes.

CAJUN SHRIMP PIZZA (adapted from Annie’s Eats)

Pizza dough (I used this recipe)
Olive oil spray
About 15 medium shrimp, peeled and deveined
2 tsp olive oil
Cajun seasoning to taste
1 cup shredded cheese (I used a blend of mozzarella and Monterey jack)
1 small red pepper, diced
3 green onions, diced
1/2 cup frozen corn (no need to thaw)
1/3 cup pizza sauce

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Roll out pizza dough onto pizza pan that has been sprayed with olive oil. Top with a thin layer of pizza sauce, sprinkling sauce lightly with Cajun seasoning.

2. Heat medium skillet over medium heat; add olive oil. When oil is hot, add shrimp, sprinkling them liberally with Cajun seasoning, and cook until the shrimp are just opaque (a few minutes). Remove shrimp from heat and let cool.

3. Sprinkle half the cheese on to the pizza. Top with shrimp, red pepper, green onion, and corn. Add remaining cheese.

4. Bake until cheese is melted and crust is brown, about 12 minutes.

Oh man. Looking at that picture is making me want to make this all over again. Good thing it’s so easy!


2 thoughts on “Cajun Shrimp Pizza

  1. Yesss – making your own pizza dough is a path towards enlightenment!

    For relatively quick and damage free defrosting – Jess has some tricks up her sleeves. Here is a synopsis:
    1. put the chicken/fish/stakes in a ziplock bag, push the air out
    2. fill a sauce pan with warm water in the sink
    3. put the ziplock bag with the frosted food in the pan and weigh it down with an upside down lid

    In about an hour (more depending on mass) the food will be nice and defrosted. It works surprisingly well.

  2. Nice! I’m almost always rushing to cook something after work, so even an hour seems like a long time to me. Basically what I am saying is that I would like all food to stay perfectly usable at fridge-temperatures forever. Get on it, science!

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