March Madness and Pulled Pork Sliders

In honor of Day 2 of March Madness, I’m going to share a recipe I made last weekend when we had a few friends over for a Selection Sunday party. For those unfamiliar, Selection Sunday is the day the bracket is announced for the 68-team men’s college basketball tournament and the official kickoff of March Madness. As an added bonus, Selection Sunday usually lines up with another wonderful event: the beginning of Daylight Savings Time and the introduction of an extra hour of daylight at the end of our days. What I am trying to say here is that Selection Sunday is my favorite day of the year.

For the last couple of years, I’ve had some friends over for a little Selection Sunday viewing party. This year, I made a bunch of yummy finger food that I’ll post about soon, but these pulled pork sliders were by far my favorite. Sliders are a great “heavy appetizer” option, since they’re at that perfect intersection between a snack and a meal. They’re also a great option if, like me, you plan on spending all weekend lying on the couch watching basketball. You can throw the pork in the crock pot when the early game starts, enjoy that delicious smell as the tourney progresses, and by the time your bracket is completely screwed, you’ll be ready to shred the pork and chow down. Here’s the recipe:

PULLED PORK SLIDERS (adapted from All Recipes)

2 pork tenderloins, about 1 1/2 pounds each
2 cups root beer
1 28-ounce bottle BBQ sauce
About 1 cup French fried onions
24 dill pickle slices
24 slider buns

  1. Place pork tenderloins in slow cooker and pour root beer over the meat. Cover and cook on low until well cooked and the pork shreds easily, about 6 hours.
  2. Remove pork and discard root beer. Shred pork with two forks, return to slow cooker, and stir in BBQ sauce.
  3. Serve on slider buns with French fried onions and pickle slices.

Delicious! Since the BBQ sauce gives the pork most of its flavor, you should use a brand you’ve tried before and liked, rather than gambling on something new (I used Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce and liked it a lot). Also, my local grocery store didn’t have slider buns (we later found them at Target), but you could of course use regular buns or even dinner rolls. Basically, there’s no wrong way to eat this yummy pork. In fact, I’m thinking of making it again and turning it into nachos…


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